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Speaking Engagements

Available for speaking engagements on parenting, marriage, communication and relationships. Please contact me to inquire about speaking fees and dates.

List of Recent Presentations/Talks

  • Technology and the Family: Finding a Healthy Balance between Screen time and Family time.

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes Parents make and how to correct them right now.

  • Yes, you can say no: Parenting with loving boundaries.

  • The key to encouraging positive sibling relationships.

  • Tips for Parenting teens.

  • What your Marriage is teaching your children: How your communication affects your children's behavior and attitude.

  • How to connect more with your children.     

  • Improving Parent-Child Communication.

  • Changing our Parenting Role as children get older.

  • Parenting in the Teen and Tween Years.

  • Media, Screen time and the family in the Teenage Years.

  • Building Positive Marriages and Families.

  • Making your Marriage survive and thrive during the school years.

  • Communication and Maintenance in Marriage.

  • Maintaining your marriage over the life cycle. 

  • Conflict Management in Marriage.

Dr. Swales can speak on other topics as well upon request.

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